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Sustainability Leaders

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

In this grower profile written by the Ontario Apple Growers, Kirk Kemp goes into detail about Algoma Orchard's sustainability practices. Below are some of our highlighted sustainability features:

Sustainable Farming

- With over 1 million planted apple trees, Algoma Orchard's naturally reduces carbon lingering in the atmosphere every day. This was proven by a consultant study conducted several years ago when Algoma had about 60% of the trees planted.

- Instead of using overhead spraying (a technique in which large amounts of water are sprayed overhead, much of which becomes evaporated in the air), Algoma uses trickle irrigation. This means that water is sprayed right into the soil so the tree can absorb it. This results in the significant reduction of the water being used.

- To protect our crops, Algoma has been utilizing Integrated Pest Management (IPM) for over 30 years. IPM involves actively monitoring crops for signs of pests and diseases, and only treating the trees when absolutely necessary.

Sustainable Facility

- Algoma's entire rooftop is home to 60 000 square feet of solar panels. These solar panels help generate up to 60% of our average power requirements.

- Most recently, Algoma has installed Tesla battery packs which have been used in conjunction with Enel X Energy storage solutions.

- Here at Algoma Orchards, we also recycle our water. Our roof has a system in place which catches water, stores it, and then once the water has been treated we can utilize it within our facility for cleaning purposes.

With several awards recognizing our sustainable and environmental efforts, Algoma Orchards continues to implement new ways to help support a sustainable future. After all, it is up to businesses to ensure they are doing their part to protect our planet.


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