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Algoma Orchards: Expansion News

Updated: May 15, 2020

As Algoma Orchards continues to plant more trees, we require more space to store our fruit. As detailed in this article from Clarington This Week, Algoma is planning on expanding our facility significantly. We were approved for three new additions totalling to over 7000 square meters of new floor space.

The first expansion will be specifically for our storage. Over the last six years, we have planted over 750 000 trees and we continue to plant more every year. That's a lot of apples! Our new storage expansion will help us store approximately 400 000 more bushels on top of our current 600 000 bushel capacity.

While our plans have been postponed due to unforeseen circumstances with regards to COVID-19, we will likely have our first addition completed in 2021. We are excited for the changes coming to Algoma and are excited for our community to see our growth.


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